Verburg Hoogendijk Architekten (VHA) was founded more than 20 years ago by Thijs Verburg en Rob Hoogendijk. It has a design staff consisting of architects, building and mechanical engineers and industrial designers. It searches for the synergy between the various design disciplines.

For VHA designing and arranging the public is an important design issue where all disciplines like architecture, city planning and landscape come together. Their fascination for mobility and infrastructure as big users of the public space have resulted in the realization  of various projects national and international.

The last decades mobility has increased dramatically asking for inspiring future scenarios and designs where respect for natural resources and the environment is the overall design constraint. VHA has proven itself fit to this task.

Project for municipalities and the government, home and abroad, show their ability to develop solutions in the infrastructure and public space which have content, visual impact, are practical, of high technical quality and with respect for nature and the environment.